St George's Hospital Charity Funds Staff Bicycle User Group

25 January 2021
Bicycle User Group.png

We are proud to share that we have funded, the brand new, staff led and focused, St George’s Bicycle User Group (BUG) - a community of staff who are enthusiastic about cycling, the health benefits, and wider environmental impact.

The group aims to encourage all forms of active transport such as cycling, walking, running, or using a scooter to help promote well being for staff and to reduce the collective impact on the environment. The main focus of the group is to address the barriers that prevent commuters from being able to travel safely to and from the workplace. For many, these barriers include not owning the correct equipment, damaged or broken kit and equipment or concerns that bikes and scooters will be stolen. 

The charity’s funding will go towards buying necessary equipment such as bike locks and helmets that will be placed in kit stores across both St George’s and Queen Mary’s Hospitals for members of BUG to access. These kit stores will significantly reduce the barriers that staff currently face when cycling to and from work, encouraging more people to get on their bike for a more active commute. As the pandemic continues, the importance in supporting the cyclists is even more important as the nation is discouraged to use public transport in order to help reduce transmission of Covid.

If you work at St George’s University Hospital Trust and would like to find out more about BUG email for more information.

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