NHS Charities Together award £50,000 to St George’s Hospital Charity to support an innovative Community-led Health and Wellbeing Project

08 April 2021
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We are so thrilled to announce that we have been awarded £50,000 to support a Community-led Health and Wellbeing Project.

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, with devastating effects emerging across the country. A Public Health report in June 2020 demonstrated the disproportionate toll Covid-19 had taken on our minority ethnic communities, with many friends and family, and elders in our communities lost to COVID 19. It also became clear that both coming from a BAME background as well as having a long term condition were factors increasing the risk of death from the virus.

As part of the pandemic response, NHS Charities Together awarded a generous sum of £50,000 to St George’s Hospital Charity, to work in partnership with South West London CCG on a Community-Led Health and Wellbeing Project, investing in BAME communities and reducing health inequalities in times of Covid19.

The project builds on a successfully piloted community-led health clinic project, building on findings which demonstrated an increased risk in the community of developing Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension. This is a pilot Long-Term Conditions detection project co-produced between Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network (WCEN), South West London Health and Care Partnership and six local places of worship.

Working with communities in Wandsworth and Merton, the project has been lucky enough to form a user group with 8 faith leaders and members from local South Asian, African Caribbean and black African communities to experience the curriculum of the programme first hand. It was also fortunate in securing the support from the highly regarded dietitian, contributor to the renowned World Food book, and practising Muslim, Selma Mehar. Selma will be helping with translating people’s feedback into changes to the curriculum.

Working with communities to co-design and produce the programme has been hugely instrumental in this project, ensuring the result of this project will be a more culturally adapted curriculum which will resonate better with participants from our local communities, increasing buy-in to the programme and generating better health and wellbeing outcomes for participants in the long run.

Amerjit Chohan, Chief Executive of St George’s Hospital Charity said “We are so grateful for the amazing contribution from NHS Charities Together to allow this project to go ahead. We are committed to supporting the local communities surrounding St George’s and Queen Mary’s Hospitals throughout the Covid Pandemic and beyond.”

Thank you to NHS Charities Together for enabling this exciting new project to develop and to our project partners at SWLondon CCG, investing in local BAME communities to improve their health and wellbeing through a community empowered tailored programme!

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